Garden of delight


Garden of delight

Having your own rose garden has many advantages. For instance people who breed roses are calmer and more positive, because the fragrances released from these amazing plants have relaxing properties. Also keeping yourself busy is a great way to work out without having to go to the gym. And lastly, plants are beneficial to humans in so many ways.


Garden roses have been appreciated since the times of queens and kings and this tradition has carried to our modern days. All the roses I have planted we’re bought from my favourite online shop, Famous Roses.


Famous Roses are quite famous themselves because they are recognized all around Europe for being suppliers of prestige rose plants.


On their website buyers can find a big variety of climbing roses, bare root roses and many other breeds used for different purposes.


Among their brands there is one thing dominant and that is the high quality of their award winning plants. The roses that are sold on Famous Roses are mainly of french breed and some bare the names of famous people as Louis de Funes, a great french comedy actor and avid rose gardener.


The reason why Famous Roses grew popular among many of their customers in Europe is their passion for these delicate flowers and the commitment for every order they receive.


The online shop will make sure to ship every rose in its intact form, due to the special packing to maintain a moist environment for the rose. This way the rose will not wither during transportation.


I am a big fan of their products and every time I have ordered there has never been a problem receiving the plants in Great Britain.


Whenever my friends come over a tea party in the garden I always get asked:


“Where do you get these beautiful roses?”


My answer is always the same”


“Famous Roses of course, only the best distributor in Europe!”


Since then I convinced a dozen of my friends to buy from Famous Roses and so should you!

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